Bookcases: They Aren’t Just for Books Anymore

As today's decorating tactics continue to become more creative, homeowners are finding new ways to use traditional pieces of furniture. Bookcases are one of these, because they can be used to display or organize just about anything.
Just a few of the things you can use bookcases for include:
Dividing a roomShowcasing your favorite collection of knickknacksDisplaying picture framesGetting kids' toys off the floorMaking a tool collection easy to accessCreating storage space beneath the stairs, between walls or around your fireplaceOrganizing your recipe books and cooking appliances in the kitchenExtending the storage space around your home office desk
As you can see, the uses for bookcases are nearly limitless. If you have a storage or organizational need, there is a good chance a bookcase will fulfill it.
However, these unique pieces of furniture can also be used for their original purpose: to store and display books. If you are an avid book collector, a few well-placed bookcases can showcase your entire collection in one easy-to-access home library.
How to Use Bookcases to Create a Home Library
If you have a huge collection of books, you don't want to keep it hidden away in boxes. You want to have easy access to it, and you want your impressive library to be on display at all times. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a few bookcases and placing them strategically in your home.
When it comes to creating a library in your home, you have a few options. You can:
A Dedicate one entire room to a library space
A Have bookcases scattered throughout your home to create the feel of a continuous library
A Use bookcases of all the same size and shape
A Vary the models of bookcases you use to help distinguish different genres or authors
And the possibilities don't stop there. Bookcases come in all different sizes, shapes, makes, models and finishes. It's up to you to choose which type best meets your home library's needs.
Be creative and purchase the pieces you believe best capture your personal style and taste. Bookcases are made to be versatile, so feel free to be as unique as you want when using them in your home.

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