Troubleshoot Office Phone Systems – Repair Tips for Business

Troubleshooting office phone system issues at your business may be something that can be done before users call a phone system technician. There are many phone system issues that occur frequently in a business or office, and many users may be able to repair the phones on their own. If the problem exists outside of your phone system, the phone company may have to come out and repair the problem. Before the phone company is called out, try the tips below to see if users can troubleshoot the problem first.
If the phone does not work, there is no dial tone, or there is static on the line, follow these steps:
Check the cord going from the wall jack to the phone, as well as the cord going from the phone to the handset. All cords should be completely tight and secure. Loose cords may cause a phone not to work. Any noticeable damage to a phone cord may cause the phone to not work. Try swapping out a damaged or loose cord for one from a working phoneUnplug the phone and try it at another location. If it works elsewhere, you may have bad cabling
If you are having trouble with a cordless phone:
Unplug the power supply and phone cord from the wall jackBe sure all lines are properly hung upMake sure additional equipment (fax, answering machine, etc) are working properlyTo check each machine, power it off and then unplug it. Leave the machine unplugged for a few seconds, then plug it back in and power it on
If callers have trouble hearing you, or you have trouble hearing them, you may have an issue with the handset. Try swapping the handset and the cord with one from a working unit.
If the phone rings, but there is no one on the line, or the phone rings once and then stops:
Check and see if your call forward feature is onUnplug all devices from the wall jack and power supply, then plug a single phone in and have someone call. If it still does not work, try another phone jackThe calls you are receiving may be misdirected calls from a computer or fax machine. There may be silence, a fax tone, or a computer tone if this is the casePressing the phone hookup before actually hanging up (a common habit for many office workers) may cause a three-way conference call to initiate. This may cause your phone to ring back once you have hung it upTelemarketers may have a delayed greeting on an auto-dialing machine that has reached your number
If no phone calls are coming in, check and see if:
The ringer is turned onCall forwarding is turned off
If this does not work, try these steps:
Unplug all devices from the wall jack and power supplyPlug a single phone in and call the phoneIf the phone still does not work, try another phoneIf the second phone works, the first one may need to be replaced
If users hear other conversations on the line, there may be interference from a CB radio or AM/FM signal. A modular filter may be available anywhere that phone equipment is sold. This should get rid of the problem. Cordless phone users:
Unplug the phone from the wall jack and power supplyTry another phoneIf the problem is with the phone, try changing the frequencyFor corded phone users:Unplug the phone from the wall jack and power supplyTry another phoneIf the second phone works, the original phone may need to be replaced
If you think there is a problem with the phone jack, try another jack. If you believe the problem is in the wiring or cabling of your phone system, call a telecommunication technician.
If users cannot make long distance calls:
Check to see if the service has not been shut off because of payments due to the long-distance carrierA user may have placed "toll blocking" on the phone, which would disallow the ability to make long-distance callsThere may be a problem with long distance carrier switch. In that case, users would need to call their long-distance carrier
If the voice mail is not answering, check the power to the voice mail system. For many older units, the voice mail may have its own power supply
If no solution is working properly, always remember that when in doubt, power out. There is one disclaimer that comes with powering out. If a battery that retains phone memory powers down, you may lose programming to the phone, so always use caution. If you are unsure, call a telecommunications technician for help and service.

Office Feng Shui – Quick and General Rules

In office feng shui, there are many things that a person must be mindful of in order to create a workspace that is harmonious and that attracts wealth. By browsing the web, you can learn about A TON of different strategies to use that can help improve your office using feng shui. I'm here today to give you some quick guidelines and principles that you can immediately use to transform your office into a workplace that will attract, wealth prosperity and happiness.

  1. Cleanliness
    If any of you guys read my blog, you'll see that I am a huge proponent of decluttering your office first before you do anything else to change your office. By clearing away things you don't need you'll find out what you DO need, and you'll give your office room to breathe (actually, it's to let chi circulate freely). This is a crucial step and should be done regularly to ensure that your office doesn't get overwhelmed with clutter and messiness. Neat and clean are the operative words.
    Now, once you have a base you can work with concerning feng shui, you can start to implement these other principles to weed out the necessities.
  2. Function
    What is the purpose of the items in your office? How often do you really use that modern art pencil sharpener your aunt gave to you? If the answer is not much, then you should probably remove it from your office (either thow it away, give it away, or bring it home). Every item in your office should serve a function, either decorative and colorful (to augment chi, check out my blog for more info on this), functionally (your computer to write documents), or in some wat benefit your office environment. If it fits one of these criteria, it should be kept, otherwise, disposed of.
  3. Comfort
    Above all physical sensations your office should be comfortable. You need to make sure that when you work in your office that you feel comfortable, at home, and ready to work. This can be done by utilizing objects such as comfortable (and ergonomic) chairs, desks, keyboards etc. Or by using pleasing feng shui colors that will excite chi.
  4. Space and Arrangement
    Space is one of the most vital (if not THE most vital) parts of any feng shui office and it must be implemented generously and tactfully. Windows heighten the feeling of space, along with paintings, and actual space. One of the easiest way to get space is to rearrange your office equipment so that space is a priority. Keeping space in mind while designing your office is a must.

Benefits of Hiring Office Cleaning Companies!

Office cleaning is an important task which needs to be carried out on a routine basis. For better results in this regard, you can hire a cleaning company. An office cleaning company specializes in providing quality cleaning services in offices to create a clean and hygienic environment where employees can work dedicated to the company's growth.
Your employees deserve to work only in the best and clean office. So, office cleaning on a regular basis is a very important task in the direction to generate a healthy and clean environment in an office.
It is not possible for a single person to clean the entire office properly as the process involves a lot of time and effort. Just by allotting the task of office cleaning to any professional company, you would not only save your hard-earned money but also the precious time and effort that can otherwise be utilized somewhere else. Also by doing so, you can concentrate completely on your business which can bring better results for you both in terms of productivity and increased revenue.
Hiring a professional cleaning company is a good decision as it would provide you with a better and faster service and that too at a rate which you can afford. Presently, there are many companies, which are offering quality and affordable office cleaning services to clients. Plenty of advantages can be derived from these firms, starting from the quality of services delivered to the price charged by them.
Major benefits of the companies have been discussed below:
" An office cleaning company does not disturb employees while they are busy doing their work. Once all the employees have left the office, the skilled cleaners start their cleaning job. Important tasks performed by them include dusting and wiping all the furniture; mopping the floors, cleaning walls, carpet cleaning, maintaining bathrooms, etc. In addition to this, they also carry out polishing work, if required.
" Exterior of the building is cleaned by pressure washing where powerful pressure washers are used.
" Maintenance services are also offered by the cleaning companies which include regular inspection of lights; checking of bulbs, keeping a track of damaged furniture items lying in office premises, etc.
" In addition to the usual cleaning tasks, the firms also provide expert clean-up services to ensure full client satisfaction.
" Office cleaning packages are also offered from time to time to help clients enjoy the best-possible services at competitive rates.
" The cleaning companies always employ natural cleaning products which leave no residue and are safe for pets, human beings and environment. Moreover, equipment is also well-tested before use.
Thus, cleaning companies play a vital role in creating a clean and pleasant environment that will definitely motivate employees to work with full dedication and comfort thus bringing better results for the company.

Things to Consider When Looking For a Modern Office Space

Leasing a modern office space for business involves a lot of responsibility. Its success or loss may somehow ride on some particular terms of the lease, thus, it is essential to be heedful throughout the entire search process. Before approaching the property owner, understand the difference of commercial leases from the more typical residential variety. Also, before signing any agreements, understand the content of the lease and the terms stated within such as the rental cost, the duration of the lease, and the construction of the office space.

Before confirming any lease agreement, make sure the lease itself will suit the business. A thorough investigation must also be done beforehand to make sure the lease suits the needs of the business. First, the rental cost of the property must be greatly considered and must be financially viable for the company. Typically, a modern office space demands a higher rental fee compared to conventional or old office spaces. Make sure this aspect is within the budget to avoid further problems. Another thing to consider is the length agreed on the lease. New tenants would probably hook themselves to a half-decade or a decade lease unless they're certain that their business would not grow anymore or they're not expecting to outgrow the space. Oftentimes, luck comes in the most unexpected situation. The business may expand quickly in month's time and the space might not be able to provide a comfortable atmosphere anymore.

Usually, a short-term lease is a safe option when it comes to renting a modern office space for business. If possible, choose one with renewal options. Sometimes, unexpected circumstances may come in the way at the time of lease which may need immediate action and the renewal options which are included in the lease can allow the tenant to act to such situations without the fear of having violated the terms of the lease.
Another important thing to consider when looking for a modern office space that's intended for business is the physical space itself that it can provide. The business may need to do some alterations to the existing space for a better operation such as adding cubicles, rewiring, building cabinets and drawers, etc. A business is all about good customer service and customers simply want an accommodating atmosphere. So, this aspect then must be dealt with accordingly since it affects the workmanship of the people within the business as well as the potential customers that may visit it.

Lastly, figure out the less conspicuous entries that are included in the lease. As with the other factors mentioned above, this is just as vital to the success of the business. If the tenant of a modern office space depends generally on walk-in clients, then try to make certain that the lease will provide the occupier to put up an ad that can be seen from the roadway.
Overall, a business should be aware of what is looking for when looking to rent a modern office space. After all, they would need to consider duration, amount of rent and the space facilities to ensure that the office space is ultimately right for their company.

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Quick And Easy Ways To Clear Your Home of Junk

Like Mary Poppins but backwards…
One thing is for sure: we all have a lot more stuff than we used to. With televisions getting bigger and bigger, Swedish furniture manufactures pumping out cheap tables and even cheaper sofas by the boat load, our homes are getting over loaded with stuff that it just doesn't have the space for. Have you tripped over anything in your home lately and then struggled to find a place to put whatever it is that has been living in the hallway for the past month or two? It is all too easy for rooms to end up like junk shops without us even noticing. Not to worry though, because there are a few quick and easy ways for you to de-clutter your home.

Garage Sale
Having a garage sale is not just an American thing. All you need to do is gradually migrate all the hurdles built up around your home, empty all your bulging cupboards and sift through your aging wardrobe and dump them all in a pile in your garage. Next stick a note through your neighbour's doors and sell all your stuff when they come round. Spare cash in your pocket too.

Alternatively, if you don't have any neighbours or you just feel like being a little bit more charitable, take all this stuff and drop it off at your local charity shop. In fact, some charity shops can even come round with a van and pick up everything you want to give them. This is especially good when you have big bits of furniture.

Recycling Company
There are companies out there that specialise in waste removal London style, house clearances and office clearance London style that you can pay to come round and gut your house. They will arrange a time, turn up with a big van and a gang of strong arms and strip your house of everything you don't want. This obviously costs money but can save you a lot of time and effort.

Television Crew
Final solution is a strange one. You may have seen television shows where people invite film crews into their homes along with a host, who then show how gross your house is, then proceed to clear it up for you. Even if your home is not that dirty, what you could do, is make it really dirty on purpose, invite them round and when they are cleaning they will de-clutter your house for you. A little underhanded, a little gross and a little bit embarrassing… but at least you get the job done.

A Look At Phones For Your Home Business

When a person is starting a home business, they often must take into consideration the need for an extra phone line for their business. Adding an additional phone number/line in a home office can be very expensive. Some people try to use their home phone for business calls by just putting a wireless phone in their office, however, this rarely works out.

It is important that you remember that phone system will be used more than any other equipment in your office so it is important that you have a separate line that is not used for general calls. By doing a little pre-planning, you can easily and effectively have a home office phone system that will rival a land-based office system at an affordable price.

Many people find that it is cost effective and easy to create an office phone system through an instant messenger provider. When you set up a phone number through an instant messenger, there is a monthly charge for the number, but you can select the phone number that you want and get all of the features that you get on a regular phone line.

A great feature of these phone numbers is that you can forward your calls from the computer to a regular telephone, mobile phone, or laptop. By using this type of phone number for your business, you are effectively getting rid of one more piece of clutter from your desk since all you need is headphones with a speaker for your computer.

An advantage of using the computer phone system is that some features of this phone are not available through a standard system. You can easily conduct conference calls, as well as tele-conferences. Files can be transferred to your computer easily by callers since the phone system has built in integration with your hard drive.

By setting up a phone system that is easy to use, accessible and separate from your home system, you will be able to conduct business effectively. Instead of a fax machine on your desk, you can fax documents through the phone and save a copy of what has been sent. The system also has tracking that allows you to do research on your callers and categorize them based on their interests or needs.

Starting your home business will be much easier when you take the time to address the issues that are often co-mingled in a home. A separate phone and phone number for your business will give you the professionalism that is required to provide your customers the level of service that you want. The ability to "leave" work and not worry about business calls coming in on your home phone line will give you the separation between work and home that is very important to establish when you are combining your living and work space.

Educators Need Discount Office Supplies

When my friend took a job as an educational coordinator at a museum she did not realize how much work it would be. She also did not realize how minimal the amount of resources are available to government sponsored cultural institutions especially in these economically strapped times. Basic educational school supplies like paper, crayons, glue, scissors and more were all in frighteningly short supply.
The furniture in her office was completely shot, rotting wood, squeaky chairs, it was sad and disgusting. How was someone supposed to teach anyone anything under these conditions?! Well luckily my friend knew how to hunt for a bargain. She found a good cheap source of arts and craft supplies and affordable office furniture. These kids were going to get something out of this place if she had to spend her whole paycheck.
Many teachers and educators in various capacities have discovered an incredibly low budget when they arrive hoping to sculpt young minds. They enter into classrooms that are poorly maintained and stocked sparingly at best with educational school supplies. It is not their fault but they are left picking up the pieces of debris and trying to finagle an education out of it. It is noble work to say the least and the fact that many are shelling out their own money from already less than stellar paychecks is even more heart breaking. Teachers, good teachers anyway, are willing to work incredibly hard just to give a few kids a leg up. They are there to challenge kids the system might otherwise forget and try and build high quality young citizens.
Things are even worse for folks like my friend. These educators are trying to offer the extras that can take a good kid and turn he or she into a well rounded great kid with a diversity of experience and real sense of how to understand things. It is these exceptional young people that are reared on educational programs in parks and museums, public pools and local gyms. Some arts and craft supplies can really open up the education system in these situations, luckily these educators are willing to make the sacrifice required to acquire these supplies.
Discount office supply websites and places where an educator can get affordable office furniture are becoming more and more essential as the government attempts to cut financial corners wherever they can. Education it seems is always the first place to suffer. It is a potential catastrophe that luckily some fine people are trying to fight against. Here's hoping they win.

Make Your Office a Perfect Place to Work With Good Quality Office Furniture

It has been proved by a research that office space and furniture plays a crucial role in increasing the productivity of employees. Keeping this point in mind, all the companies are working die-hard in the direction to reshape and revise their office furniture. Nowadays, many companies prefer to go for new-styled furniture. Office furniture is available in miscellaneous shapes and designs. One has a number of options in terms of shapes and designs. He or she can easily take up the best one at user friendly rates.
For the employees who work for longer hours in the office, furniture convenience as well as support plays a very important role. Few major furniture items which are required in standard office include chairs, desks, filing cabinets, book shelves etc. It has become a very simple task to find out excellent quality office furniture these days. You can easily go for good quality office furniture online. The method is getting highly popular among the people because of the convenience offered by this method in finding out various furniture components and that too within a short span of time.

Out of all the furniture components, chair is the most important one. It is very important to use a good quality chair in an office so that the employees should feel comfortable as well as convenient while working for long hours. Make sure that you are using chairs equipped with armrests and covers. In addition to this, the chairs should also be provided with proper back support. The employees will feel uncomfortable in case the chairs are not properly installed. Thus, it becomes very important to go for straight and compact chairs provided with soft cushions.

You can take the help of Internet to buy good quality office furniture. You can visit various websites for this purpose. A number of options are proffered by these sites which can help you in finding out incredible deals for yourself. This effectual method saves a lot of time. Thus, with the help of these sites, you can easily buy the Office Furniture of your choice.

Fun Additions to Office Decor

Workplaces are earlier considered to be dull and boring, but don't you think, adding a dash of color to it will make great difference in the energy levels? If a workplace becomes appealing and inviting, the connection that employees build will with that workplace is far stronger than a traditional one. Now-a-days, offices are breaking the traditional norms of design and aesthetics and concentrating on building offices that employees find comfortable, creative yet productive.

If you are looking forward to add some fun and color to the work place, beat away those traditional grays. From furniture to decorative, gadgets to utilities, there are numerous things like crossing sign, tech-gadgets, cubicle accessories that you can experiment with and add humorous and fun touch to the office:

Gadgets - Now-a-days, finding office gadgets that are assorted with bit of high tech fun are becoming popular. From palm-sized laser keyboard to fire alarm shaped alarm clocks to dog shaped staplers, the list of fun gadgets is endless.

Decorative - If you wish to add a fun element to already established workplace, it is equally simple. Put some humorous decorative like magnetic, velcro wall papers, postcards with humorous captions etc. Not only humor, these signs can be functional too. Any boss, who is tired of being answering stupid questions, can put a dragon crossing sign outside their cabin. Nobody will surely bother him unnecessarily again. Similarly, add a light touch to the cubicles with donkey crossing sign outside a slogging colleague's cubicle or a rabbit crossing sign outside a timid person's Such as other very big collection of funny animal crossing signs.
Accessories - Apart from decorative, adding accessories like aquarium, art in motion pictures and sandscapes, desk gong for executives, inanimate stickers, floating magical pictures, dancing hamsters and other funny accessories are available too.

Colors - Instead of the dull white and cream colors to the walls, you can give your office bright and inviting colors. In case, you do not want to get repaint the entire office, you can at least change the colors of the relaxing area and reception room, so that it creates a light and casual atmosphere. Another way of adding colors to the workplace is using wallpapers; at least one wall in every room can be covered with a bright colored wallpaper to change the overall appearance of the room.
Creating a fun and colorful environment at workplace will make it easier for people to have fun while they are working.

How Long Do You Need to Plan a Successful Office Refurbishment?

The time you need to properly implement an office refurbishment will of course depend on the size and complexity of the project, and the period required to properly plan the project with also very accordingly. However you can expect the time required for planning for an office refurbishment to be split into a number of categories. Once you identify those that will apply to your project, then you can estimate the time required for each and those that can be completed concurrently.

Is the space to be refurbished available to you
There are two determining factors here. You (and for you read your company) may need to acquire new office space before the refurbishment can proceed. If this is the case suitable time should be allowed to search, negotiate and complete the legal process. If the type of property you need is scarce, you should allow additional time for the search, and if it is going to need to be constructed specifically, you will probably be measuring this time in years rather than months.

Unless you have access to in house resources, you need time to source, research, tender and appoint your professional advisors. These may include, but are not limited to architects, designers, workplace consultants, project managers, relocation managers legal and health and safety advisors main contractor and specialist sub contractors.

Outline Design
Once the appointment of the design team is in place (including architect, designer and workplace consultants as appropriate) the outline design elements can be carried out. If you are refurbishing existing office space and working to already defined criteria you may be able to skip this step and go straight to the detailed design stage. If not, this stage will create a model that will enable you to objectively consider alternative buildings, alternative layouts and also develop a detailed standard of fit out for tender purposes down the line.

Detailed Design
This stage can only progress once you have the office space identified. If you are refurbishing accommodation you currently occupy this detailed design needs to take into account how the refurbishment will be carried out around your staff, or plans need to be made to temporarily move out whilst the works are underway.

You should allow time for several iterations of the design and to make sure it is approved by all relevant senior managers. Once you have a design that is agreed on, it is advisable to get a physical signature, literally to have it signed off, from each of those senior managers, so that there can be no question that the plan was agreed. At this point the plan is frozen and once work starts on site, any changes are likely to cost more money to undo work that has been completed and make the necessary new alterations.
Planning permission, building control and other approvals
These all take time and often can not be started until you have the detailed design virtually complete. In addition many approvals need to be obtained before you start work, so it is important to understand how long each is likely to take in your specific case. Your design and contracting team should be able to help with this.

Tender Period
Depending on your timescales, you may need to run the contracting tender period concurrently with the detailed design element and the approvals period, but contractors are likely to require several weeks to properly inspect and understand your project and put a price together.

Contractors Lead in Time
Once you have an agreed design, all necessary approvals and a contractor ready to appoint do not expect work to start immediately. Your contractor will most likely need a lead in or mobilisation period to order initial materials, prepare the site set up and position the necessary workforce. A week or two is usually sufficient for an office refurbishment project.