Clear Conference Calling With VoIP

As an Internet-based application, VoIP can be as flexible as you need it to be. This means that it can combine several features that we take for granted when we use the Internet every day - such as free communication via e-mail or messaging. But low costs are just one of the many advantages that a VoIP system can bring to your organization. If your business like many others today, relies on heavy intercommunication between people separated in various locales, it can help you bring them together in a cheap and effective manner using features that were hitherto only available to large corporations who were willing to pay the price to the PSTN phone companies.
Conference calling with VoIP is as easy and flexible as it needs to be. Those who have access to an SIP VoIP client or a dedicated VoIP phone will be able to connect to the conference call for free. Those who're not able to join via the Internet, can still connect through their traditional mobile or landline phones. Since it's a safe bet that most of the people in the conference call will be either your employees or business partners, it's easy to ensure that most of them are making use of VoIP when they call in.
But as I mentioned above, it's not just the low costs that attracts firms and businesses to use VoIP as a conferencing solution. One feature is called HD voice which essentially means that the quality of the signal that is received over a VoIP phone is far more clear and crisp than that experienced over a PSTN line. When only two people are communicating, it's obvious who is talking and there's no need for advanced voice recognition. When several people are involved however, the codec used by the PSTN phone line is insufficient for easy recognition of the speaker.
Whenever possible, a VoIP call will make use of an HD voice codec that incorporates much more of the higher and lower ends of the spectrum than a regular line. This not only makes it easy to recognize who is speaker is, it also gets rid of annoying problems that occur when trying to differentiate between various fricative consonants such as B, P and D.
It's very easy to get used to HD voice calling. So much so, that you will have problems going back to the PSTN codecs once you've experienced it for any length of time. To find out how you can get started, contact your ITSP.